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Karibu Selfcare Tips

Breathe the right scents. 
We know that breathing techniques can help us relax. But what we breathe might be just as important as how we breathe. While the benefits of aromatherapy are debated, research suggests that citrus scents—orange essential oil in particular—can help slash stress and anxiety, and getting a whiff of rosemary may boost memory.

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100% Natural Ingredients

Ingredient Highlight -Calendula Officinalis (Calendula - Edible flowers rich in carotene (flavoxanthin, lutein, rubixanthin, B-carotene, Y-carotene, lycopene), Calendic acid, Anti-inflamatory

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Karibu Partnerships

We are excited to announce the partnership between Karibu365 and Lotus House Miami. 10% of all proceeds, during the months of November and December, will be donated to Lotus House, whose goal is to eliminate homelessness among women and children.