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Everything changes, including our skin. It is imperative that we not only understand these changes, but also how to adjust our skincare routine to adapt to those changes.

One should not treat Mature Skin the same way we treat more Youthful Skin. The condition of the skin can be affected by environmental, diet and hormonal changes, especially as women, we approach or enter The Menopause Years. Skin will become thinner, drier and possibly looser. This leaves mature skin more prone to wrinkles.

There are a myriad of natural remedies to treat mature skin, and give it as beautiful and youthful a glow as possible.

Use products containing essential oils geared towards eliminating the normal issues associated with aging.

Some useful essential oils for dry skin are:

Chamomile (Roman) - Anti-inflammatory 

Geranium - Anti-infectious, cicatrizant (healing)

Lavender - Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory, cicatrizant

Patchouli - Anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant

Rose Otto - Anti-inflammatory (blotchy skin), cicatrizant

Some useful essential oils for mature skin are:

Clary Sage - Regenerative (cellular aging)

Frankincense - Antioxidant (combats aging process), cicatrizant

Some useful essential oils for anti-aging:

Clary Sage - Estrogen-like, regenerative (counteracts cellular aging)

Frankincense - Antioxidant (combats aging process)

Lemon - Anti-sclerotic (combats aging process)

Feel free to create your own blends, using carrier oils or lotion bases of your choice, or purchase products that already contain these oils blends.


Skincare Tips

  • If you wear makeup, it is essential to cleanse your skin thoroughly before bed. In the morning, just add some toner (witch hazel or rose water will work) to a cotton ball, and gently wipe skin, and that should be sufficient. You may also opt to use a gentle cleanser as a part of your routine
  • Give yourself a mask treatment once a week. BE SURE TO MOISTURIZE TWICE after using a mask, as masks draw out toxins, but they will also draw out moisture from your skin. If you do not wear makeup, once every two week is usually sufficient.
  • If you have dry skin, opt for products that do not contain alcohol, lanolin, or other animal products
  • If you use a basic moisturizer, add some Roman Chamomile, for soothing dry, irritable, and inflamed skin. Ensure to keep the oil to a .05% ratio when mixed in lotions, or carrier oils

Above all, drink lots of water, and ensure to eat a proper diet and exercise.


See you next time, when I will provide tips on treating skin disorders in mature skin.


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