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Café Mocha Body Scrub

Karibu365 Body Scrubs are, for your body, like the most decadent dessert after a meal. You shower because you need to. You eat to fuel your body. Dessert and Karibu365 Body Scrubs are treats, and they are oh so good! The one difference is that Karibu365 Body Scrubs are calorie free, so you can indulge and enjoy as often as you like, guilt free.
Café Mocha is everything you need to start your day right. The perfect blend of Coffee, Organic Cacao, and Vanilla, it will stimulate your senses and get you energized, ready to face whatever the day has to offer. Get your daily caffeine fix, without the afternoon crash. Café Mocha will transport you to your favorite French Café, if only in your dreams. 
Ingredients: A special blend of Arabica Coffee, Sea Salt and Organic Cacao, Café Mocha will provide more vigorous exfoliation. Caffeine, with its diuretic qualities, will help to smooth and tighten skin, while antioxidant cacao will help to protect your skin from the ravages of free radicals.
4 oz glass jar- 5 oz product by weight
Our aim is to make both you and your skin happy! 

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