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Summertime365 Body Scrub

Karibu365 Body Scrubs are, for your body, like the most decadent dessert after a meal. You shower because you need to. You eat to fuel your body. Dessert and Karibu365 Body Scrubs are treats, and they are oh so good! The one difference is that Karibu365 Body Scrubs are calorie free, so you can indulge and enjoy as often as you like, guilt free.
Summertime365 is an uplifting and stimulating blend of Lemongrass and Orange. Recapture the warm and sunny days of summer while indulging in a treat worthy of Aestas, the Roman personification of summer. 
Ingredients: Indulge your senses while slathering your body in his luxurious sugar scrub. The humectant qualities of sugar will leave your skin silky soft, while Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Sweet almost oil, Jojoba oil and vitamin e with leave your skin phenomenally moisturized. The lemongrass and orange essential oils are specially selected for their anti inflammatory, antioxidant, and mood enhancing benefits. Enjoy the delicate kiss of summer scent that remains on your skin after using Summertime365 Body Scrub.

How to use:

Always apply karibu365 body scrubs to wet or damp skin. Massage into skin using gentle circular motions, until crystals begin to dissolve, or dissolve completely. Skin will feel moisturized due to the luxurious oils used to formulate the scrubs. Rinse thoroughly, and pat dry. Use Karibu365 body butter to moisturize after bath or shower if desired.

4 oz glass bottle - 5.25 oz product by weight
Our aim is to make both you and your skin happy! 

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