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Moroccan Beldi

Moroccan Beldi

Beldi means “Traditional” in Morocco. Moroccan Beldi is a gel-like soap traditionally used in Morocco. It is sometimes called Savon Noir, but can vary in color from medium green to deepest amber  

With a base of olive oil, and olive paste, this is one of the most gentle natural cleansers you can find. 

Our Beldi is crafted from olive oil, and black or green olives. It is super fatted with Argan oil, Baobab oil, and Jojoba oils to create a super mild cleansing and exfoliating experience for your face or body. 

How To Use
    Apply a pea sized amount to damp skin. Only a thin layer is needed. Ideally, a facial steam for 2 minutes before applying, and 3-6 minutes after, is recommended, then massage the face gently with a washcloth, Konjac sponge, or wet facial loofah. Rinse, and follow with KIINI Face Mist and KIINI Facial Oil. 
    Apply a thin layer to entire body. Stand or sit in the steamy shower and allow steam to loosen up dead skin cells. Massage entire body with a dry slightly damp wash cloth or Kessa Glove. Rinse thoroughly. Apply KIINI Whipped Shea butter to damp skin. 
      Rich in Vitamin E Beldi is made of saponified olive oil and olives which are naturally high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, which work to naturally block free radicals from entering the skin, preventing and reducing  signs of aging. 
        Does not strip your skin of its Natural Oils or disrupt your skin’s Microbiome. Many synthetic cleansing methods, or bar soaps, leave our skin completely striped of its natural oils and disrupts your skins acid mantle, a.k.a. Microbiome. This method of cleansing leaves natural skin oils intact, doesn’t disrupt your Microbiome as a regular cleanser would, and locks in moisture/boosts hydration levels of the skin.
        Prepares the skin for Gentle Exfoliation. Containing no harsh synthetic chemicals or micro beads, Beldi soap will help prep your skin for gentle exfoliation when its removed by a wash cloth or facial or body loofah. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and promote the turnover of skin cells naturally, revealing healthier and brighter skin, with a natural glow. Additionally, quicker cell turnover results in slowing down the aging process of the skin.
        Contains Natural ingredients and No Harsh Fragrances. Our Beldi soap is comprised mainly of saponified olive oil, olives, Baobab oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil,  Black Seed oil and some essential oils where indicated, which leave a soft scent on the skin.
        Maintains healthy PH Balance of the skin. Our Beldi soaps will maintain healthy levels of PH of the skin, which helps keep your skin in premium condition, warding off issues like acne, dry patches, dermatitis or eczema.
        Our aim is to make both you and your skin happy! 

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