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KAVU Floral Facial Steam

This beautifying floral blend of botanicals  may be used to help reduce inflammation, purify and hydrate your skin for deep cleansing. Adding hot water to this floral mixture will allow the concentrated herbs to release their healing properties through the steam it creates, providing you with a space to calm your mind and center your soul. The warmth will soften your skin, encouraging it  to easily absorb the benefits the botanicals have to offer.
Lavender Buds, Rose Buds, Calendula Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Jasmine Flowers, Chrysanthemum Buds, Rosehips, Chamomile, Verbena leaves, Orange flowers, Linden (leaves and bracts), Cornflowers
How to use:
Place 1-2 tablespoons of blend into a large bowl, cover with 2-4 cups of boiling distilled water. Allow to settle to a comfortable temperature, while ensuring that it is still producing steam. Drape a towel over your head while holding it over the bowl to capture the steam, and breath intentionally.  Enjoy the gentle heat and aroma for 7-10 minutes as the herbs gently purify + cleanse your pores. When finished you can reuse some of the floral water by adding it to a clay mask for a full facial treatment, or adding all of it to your bath water as a bath tea. 

Suggested Ritual - Light some sage or Palo Santo, bring out your crystals, draw a bath, and make this a full Karibu Self Care Experience.

8 oz glass jar / 6 - 8 uses per jar - 1.25 oz of product by weight

Our aim is to make both you and your skin happy!