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Gemstone Zodiac Collection

Gemstone Zodiac Collection

Amethyst is the first in the Gemstone Zodiac Collection: 

This collection features a face cover and a corresponding crystal, packaged in a cotton muslin drawstring bag that can be used to store/wash your face cover, or store both face cover and crystal safely. Add KIINI Face Mist to your order and receive 15% off Mask and Mist. Place your crystal inside your KIINI Face Mist bottle so your skin can reap the benefits of your crystal with every spray.

Amethyst Face Cover is handmade from fabric displaying variegated colors ranging from purple to black to green. It features a prominent Sun symbol in gold, along with the moon and stars, etc.

Qualities of Amethyst:

Color: Various shades of purple

Zodiac: Birthstone for Pisces and February

Symbolism: Peace, Courage, Inner Strength, Balance, Sincerity, Calmness

Wedding Anniversary: 4th/6th years

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Feelings, Mental and Emotional Healing: Amethyst is considered one of the most powerful balancing and centering stones as it relates to emotions. It aids in the ability to deal with emotional roller coasters, and recommended for people experiencing anxiety, sadness, grief, loss, sadness and rage. It is believed to enhance the mind by reliving stress, stimulating creativity and new ideas, as well as psychic abilities.

Physical: Amethyst is believed to be a protective stone, and helps to protect the immune system. It is reputed to relieve mental and emotional stress, diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, and ward off insomnia caused by an overactive mind.

Spiritual: Amethyst is said to have a positive impact on the spirit by bringing a sense of calm, thus warding off chaos.


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