Karibu Complete Skincare Kit
Karibu Complete Skincare Kit


Karibu Complete Skincare Kit

Karibu Complete Skincare Kits include all our most popular/best selling Karibu365 Facial Skin Care products to do a complete self-care ritual of skincare, or a quickie, for healthy, glowing skin. 

Our first Karibu Complete Skincare Kit contains cleansing grains that provide a gentle cleansing and exfoliating action,, with superstar ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, almond, Fenugreek and aloe vera. These 100% natural ingredients pack a big punch to both cleanse and exfoliate gently to maintain the integrity of the skin’s acid mantle. 

Perform a facial Steam on cleansed face, followed by our moisturizing KAVU Clay Mask to elevate your at home spa experience. Facial Steams will do double duty for your skin and respiratory system. They help to boost circulation, hydrate and detoxify skin, prepare skin to better receive follow up products, and clear the sinuses.

Top your skin off with a burst of fresh KIINI Face Mist to hydrate,2-3 drops of KIINI Facial Oil to lock in moisture, and bask in your natural glow.

Choose between the Citrus Garden or Breathe Easy Detox Ritual Facial Steam Blends.


  • Cleansing Grains
  • Facial Steam (Bonus Item)
  • Clay Mask
  • Face Mist
  • Facial Oil

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