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Lunar Manifestations and Affirmations Ritual Kit

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The Birch Wright Lunar Manifestations and Affirmations Ritual Kit is the "Create your own ritual" Kit you've been waiting for. The first in a series of kits is available Justin time for the Cancer New Moon.

The four elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air come together in this kit to help you harness the powers of the Moon Phases. Each Moon Phase holds her own power, from New Moon to Full Moon and everything in between.

Each kit contains:

  • Earth - 1 powerful crystal and botanical gifts from Mother Nature. 
  • Water - 1 round Palo Santo scented moon soap and botanical bath salts for shower/bath. This can be used to cleanse your body from head to toes
  • Fire - 1 Palo Santo Stick for smudging your space and your crystals and 1 incense cone.
  • Air - 1 mini Clear Quartz infused Rosewater Aura Spray to cleanse and calm your personal space (aura)
  • Holy Rose rollerball scented with a golden feather affixed (Palo Santo and Rose essential Oil blend)  
  • Tea tin featuring a blend of Organic teas (May contain Roses, Lavender, Jasmine, Lemongrass)
  • 1 Manifestation and Affirmations information card - Write your dreams, desires and affirmations on the back and re-read them as needed.

The act of manifesting and affirming is a personal one. Use the kit to create your own ritual, during the moon phase of your choice. Even though your crystal comes cleansed and charged, it is recommended that you always cleanse and charge your own crystals to infuse them with your own intentions and energies. This can be done with moonlight, sunshine, spring water or by smoke from a sage bundle or palo Santo stick. 

Box will vary slightly each month with different crystals, and interchange between sage bundles and Palo Santo sticks, as well as varying tea blend. 

Only a limited number of boxes will be created each month.


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